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OrgMetrics Partnering FITTM (Field Intensive Training) BASICS Program

Award-winning PM’s have teams that AVERAGE $114 savings for every dollar spent on Partnering. Train your teams to become next year’s Award-winners.

For years clients have been asking OrgMetrics to train their people in Collaborative Partnering. Partnering FIT allows OrgMetrics’ President, Sue Dyer to be your personal Collaborative Partnering coach. Requiring all of your project team members to go through the OrgMetrics Partnering FIT™ BASICS and becoming Partnering FIT Certified provides a great jump start to creating a culture of collaboration that supports the success of your projects!

Based on 30 years of lessons learned and best practices, the Partnering FIT (Field Intensive Training) Basics Program works to train your project personnel on why and how to make Collaborative Partnering work on their projects. Teams that know how to fully implement Collaborative Partnering tell us they are saving 10-30% in project costs, saving time, with no claims.


OrgMetrics has purchased a multi-million-dollar interactive virtual platform that is loaded with 30 years of lessons learned and best practices on how to deliver structured Collaborative Partnering to your projects. The use of OrgMetrics Collaborative Partnering™ is growing rapidly – because it works! Now you can accelerate your partnering results by teaching your construction field personnel how to implement structured Collaborative Partnering™ on their projects by going through the OrgMetrics Partnering FIT™ (Field Intensive Training) Basics Program. Click here to lean more.

Easy, Bite Sized Pieces

Partnering FIT is designed for “adult learners”. Research shows that adults learn best with short lessons that are delivered individually and then immediately applied to their everyday work life. The 5-course program is divided into 30 ~5 minute “micro” lessons. Because the training is delivered through the interactive virtual platform, the learners access each lesson via their computer, smartphone, or tablet, from anywhere they might be, 24/7.

The Power of Learning Together

It is recommended that the project team go through the training at the same time, while the project is underway. This way they can take a lesson, apply it to their project, and share what they have learned with the rest of the team. A Team Partnering FIT Workbook is included in the program and there are discussion questions for the team with each chapter. At the end of each course there will be a review and quiz. Once you have passed all of the five course quizzes you will be Certified Partnering FIT. Reports on the team’s progress are available so that management, and the team can track their progression.

The Partnering FIT BASICS Program works to support your structured Collaborative Partnering Program by building your partnering from the ground up – not just the top down – by teaching the project team members what they can do to make partnering work on their projects.

Who should attend?

  • Construction Project Leaders including Resident Engineers, PMs, Structure Representatives, Project Engineers, etc.
  • Construction Project Team Members including Foremen, Superintendents, Inspectors, etc.
  • Construction Managers and Program Managers
  • Partnering Steering Committee members
  • Owner Team members supporting projects (i.e. Soils, Environmental, Hydraulics, Code Enforcement, etc.)
  • Designers and Sub-consultants
  • Specialty Contractors and Subcontractors
  • Key Project Suppliers
  • Any industry member that wants to improve their partnering results and build a culture of collaboration on their project

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